HF-L Dance Centre - "It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."
 Registrations for 2016-2017 10-month program are accepted
July 1 - October 14, 2016 only. 
Classes run September 2016-June 2017.
A summer program will be available during the 2016 summer.
Please find our summer schedule under the 'Sumer 2016' tab.

Tuition Pricing - per dancer
2016-2017 Monthly Tuition is based on the total number of hours per week. Pricing plan Applies to Group/ Choreography/Technique classes only. *Solos, duets, trio’s priced separately
Tuition is the same monthly if there is a studio closing or an absence by the dancer.

Total Weekly Hours
  Total Monthly Tuition
 30 minutes
 45 minutes
 1 hour
 1 hour 15 minutes
 1 1/2 hours
 1 hour 45 minutes
 2 hours
 2 hour 15 minutes
 2 1/2 hours
 2 hours 45 minutes
 3 hours
 3 hours 15 minutes
 3 1/2 hours
 3 hours 45 minutes
 4 hours
 4 hours 15 minutes
 4 1/2 hours
 5 hours or more: Unlimited Plan

Unlimited Plan will qualify your solo, duet, or trio to be $60 per month (per person). Normally priced at $75 for solo, $70 for duet, and $68 for trio per dancer. 
  • Private lessons are $75.00 per month. Semi-private lessons are $70.00 per month per student. Trio's are $68 per month per dancer.  *Discount with "Unlimited Plan".
  • 2016-2017 Registration Fee:
    • Returning 2015-16 recital participants registration fee is $12 through August 31
    • New students: $20 now through August 31
    • Any registrations received September 1st –September 30th will be an additional $10.
    • Any registrations received October 1st-15 will be $40.00
    • No registrations will be accepted after October 15.  We do not prorate tuition for dancers that register/start class mid-way through the month.
    • Competition dancers pay a $38 registration fee and must audition for placement July 25-28th. Competitive students must be registered for 2016-2017 by August 1 for possible early rehearsals and choreography planning.  (Registration fee and September tuition is due by 8/1/16)

  • Pre-requisites/Considerations:
    • All policies are found on our website, www.hfldancing.com.  These are generally updated over the summer before we begin our new 10-month season. A signed waiver will be required at the first class in September
    • We will offer 2 optional fundraisers again this year to off-set the costs of tuition/costumes/competition entry fees, etc.
    • All dancers’ ages 8+ (by 12/31/17) must be enrolled in a ballet class to enroll in any other genres.
    • Pre-pointe/pointe dancers must enroll in ballet and technique. This class is for committed dancers only with several years of ballet training and is by invitation only.
    • We do not recommend dancers switch from one genre to another year after year. The dancer is unable to hone their skills when this happens.  Adding another genre to become well-rounded is always helpful, however. We encourage continued study in the same genre(s) for the most growth potential.
    • Any dancers wishing to enroll in hip-hop must be enrolled in a jazz class as well.
    • Musical Theatre enrollment requires enrollment in ballet, tap and jazz. 
    • Dancers that wish to reserve a solo or duet spot must take a core class in the same genre as their solo. IE: A dancer must take a tap class to have a tap solo.
    • Solo/duet/trio classes are a commitment for the length of the dance year from the date of reservation. If the dancer withdrawal’s from the time-slot the year’s tuition is due upon withdrawal. The time/day cannot be switched once the slot has been reserved unless you switch with another dancer with teacher approval.
    • Any dancers interested in auditioning for a competition team in the future should prepare themselves by taking tap, jazz, and ballet and a solo/duet/trio.  
    • All  tuition payments are due the 1st of the month, regardless of the number of lessons in a month or dancer's attendance.

    • _________________________________________________________________
      Pay your total tuition bill for the year by October 15th and receive discounted HF-L Dance Centre apparel. (Sweatshirt, Jacket, etc.)
      More information regarding this offer will be sent home in early October. 

      Full payment for the year must be in the form of cash or check.
      (Costumes and recital fees will be billed when they are due throughout the year.)
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